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New headquarter & new installation of PE Smart_e

New headquarter & new installation of PE Smart_e

Right in time and before moving into the new building the Pellematic Smart_e – the electricity generating pellet boiler – was put into operation at the new headquarters in Kuurne. The Smart_e provides the employees with heat for domestic hot water and additionally heats the building. Additionally this new pellet boiler also produces electrical power through an integrated Stirling engine.
Not only the supply of the building is in the focus – the PE Smart_e should be used for the training of installers and authorised partners. The reason is that it is very important to show with this new heating concept that even in energy-conscious buildings it makes sense to produce heat and electricity in an eco-friendly way directly where it is needed.
"We are excited about the new heating system and have consciously opted for Pellematic Smart_e as we are enthusiastic about the idea of being able to produce additionally to heat also electricity out of wood pellets for the use in our headquarter. A big advantage of this technology is that it is also possible to generate electricity in the cold winter month. This is one of the biggest advantages compared to photovoltaic systems which are producing most of the electricity in summer. Compared to heat pumps which consume electricity rather than producing it, this is a big advantage. Furthermore I was very pleased to that low noise level during operation ", convinced the Belgian OkoFEN CEO Ludwig van Wonterghem.
The Pellematic Smart_e supplies the total of 1,000 sqm premises with environmental heat and electricity from wood pellets. During the summer month a 2x6 kWp photovoltaic system supports the PE Smart_e and provides additional electrical power. The ecological way of thinking is also reflected in the building: The Passive House in Kattestraat 81 consists - among other things - of calcareous sandstone and is insulated with an ecological wood fibre insulation.
As in Germany in Belgium the very first experiences with the Pellematic Smart_e should be gained locally in the own headquarter building. These tests and the practical experiences are necessary in order to be prepared for the planned pilot phase and the installation of the unit at Belgian households. First of all experience should be gained to prepare well for the oncoming field test phase and additionally be able to selected and take care about the test installations in the best way.


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