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Old farmhouse from Belgium counts on electricity from pellets

Old farmhouse from Belgium counts on electricity from pellets

To renovate an old farmhouse together, to divide it into housing units and to put on a communal heating solution is the basic idea of the CoHousing project in Zingem (Belgium).

Even before finalisation of the renovation of the building, whichwas built in 1884, it the Pellematic e-max was been installed in  the building before even the first residents moved in. Since middle of September 2016 the Pellematic e-maxprovides 7 apartments with heat and electricity.

The electricity generating pellet boiler is ready to heat the the individual residential units and provides the former farm with heat and electricity with a heating area of approx. 1,300 m². Also a common room for the social gathering of the inhabitants is provided by the large electricity generating pellet heating system.

A buffer storage in the boiler room serves as a heat accumulator and load balancing. The individual living units are also equipped with 300 litres of storage. These are loaded three times a day with heat from the Pellematic e-max. This, on the one hand, optimizes the running times of the Pellematic e-max and the system runs only in full load. On the other hand, targeted charging at certain times also increases energy efficiency and reduces heat loss. All in all, a sophisticated overall concept for heat supply has been realized in the former farmhouse.

During the installation and commissioning of the Pellematic e-max, the building was still a little bit chaotic. Everyone was cheerfully screwed up and many skilled workers from different companies were involved to prepare everything for the finalization of the entire building. While some housing units were already relatively close to completion, and thus just before the inhabitants moved in, the screed was still missing in other areas. This meant that the Pellematic e-max still had plenty of time to get warm before the whole building needs to be supplied with heat and electricity during the winter.

A nice demonstration project with where we are already excited about the experiences and results of our Pellematic e-max.


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