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World premiere

World premiere

ÖkoFEN_e celebrated mid-April a historic day: The first "big" electricity-generating pellet heating Pellematic e-max was put into operation at a customers home in Bruges, Belgium. Now the first cogeneration system is running outside ÖkoFENs in-house test benches. This milestone is the start of the pilot phase of the pellet boiler with integrated Stirling engines which perfectly meets the needs of apartment buildings and commercial facilities. The aim of this and other planned pilot installations is to gain experience outside the company's test laboratories and to further develop the product towards series production.

Pellematic e-max in test operation
The Pellematic e-max provides now up to 55 kW thermal power for a 400 m² family home in Bruges. Additionally the system is also able to produce up to 4.5 kW of electrical power simultaneously. This electrical yield can be directly used at the household or to load the Tesla of the family, which is an electrical car.

The needed heat for the house is only provided by the pellet boiler which is the only heat generator. Beside heating the house and providing domestic hot water the Pellematic e-max also heats up a pool all year round.

A heat demand also in summer time is essential for an optimal performance of the cogeneration system. This makes it possible to achieve the highest possible amount of operating hours and thereby a high yearly yield of electricity. Besides the Pellematic e-max a buffer storage with a volume of 1600 litres has been installed. The buffer storage compensates peak loads and ensures that the cogeneration boiler is only operating at nominal load. Through this installation permanent ideal operation conditions are ensured which also has a positive effect on the electricity yield.

The goal of the pilot phase is to gain as much experience as possible and further develop the Pellematic e-max based on these experiences. More pilot installations will be implemented in the coming months. All pilot installations will be monitored and evaluated weekly . This monitoring will help us to gain even more experience and will serve  a good basis for further improvements of the pilot installations.   

Pellematic e-max: The Stirling engine, which is integrated into the pellet boiler, can reach up to 4.5 kilowatts of electricity output. Left to right: Koen Plets (OekoFEN Belgium), Roland Pargfrieder and Franz Baumueller (both OekoFEN headquarters) and Karel van Wonterghem (OekoFEN Belgium) after commissioning  the Pellematic e-max. Scan the QR-Code and view the commissioning video.


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