We develop a boiler

for family houses,

which produces heat and electricity

from wood pellets.



Energy self-sufficient in single family house

Energy self-sufficient in single family house

A showcase to visualize that an energy self-sufficiency family home is feasible and also affordable - that is the goal of the VitalSonnenhausPro. This house has been built in Upper Austria as a cooperation project of many renowned companies.

The fact that an energy-sufficient building can also be appealing and modern packaged and equipped with all sorts of extras proves this house. This house was built with natural materials, which create a healthy and good room atmosphere. The complete supply of heat and electricity has to be achieved at all year roundmainly by the sun, supplemented by renewable energy sources.

Is was a long time of planning before the show house in Schwertberg (Upper Austria) was built with various specialist partners from a wide range of industries. Our Pellematic Smart_e is also an integral part of this project and provides an important component to the independence of the house, especially during the winter months - besides solar energy plays the most important role to allow the energy self-sufficiency.

Together with a photovoltaic system including battery storage as well as the corresponding storage management and the Smart_e, the power supply of the house is ensured. The electricity can be used immediately - but can also be temporarily stored in the battery storarege and is therefore available later on.

A large solar thermal plant with the possibility to store the heat in several large buffer stores, supplies a large part of the required heat. The remaining amount of heat - as well as the electrical energy - is generated by the Smart_e.

Live operation from now

After the official opening in October 2016 the exciting time begins: countless sensors document what is going on in the house, how much energy is needed in form of heat and electricity and how the consumption proceeds. The VitalSonnenhausPro can be visited at any time after appointment.

You can find further information about the showcase and the project partners at the following website: http://www.vitalsonnenhauspro.at/


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