We develop a boiler

for family houses,

which produces heat and electricity

from wood pellets.



100% independence of heat and electricity

100% independence of heat and electricity

More independence for your single family home

Who would not like to provide the house with heat and electricity if, for example, the public electricity network fails? Or buy less electricity from the public grid and, depending on - the system variant -, to feed oneself up to 100% with green electricity and heat from pellets?

This is made possible by the unique concept of the "self-sufficient-familiy home" by several components, which are combined and managed via the Pelletronic Touch. Step by step and in modular designed a pellet heating system with a photovoltaic system can be a final solution: a concept for a family home where 100% of the heat and 100% of the required electricity can be generated directly on site. Step by step and when money allows it the final solution of a self-sufficient home can be reached. The combination of a photovoltaic system with battery storage and a pellet heating system that generates electricity makes it possible to be independent of any energy supply.

The self-sufficient-home

In summer time the photovoltaic system supplies the majority of the required electricity, during in the winter months the Stirling engine supplies a large part of the electricity. The generated electrical energy is temporarily stored in the system integrated battery accumulator.

An additional integrated buffer tank is used to store the heat, so that the Stirling engine can be operated even if only electricity is needed. As a result, it is possible to have an electricity driven- and heat-driven operation of the electricity generating pellet heating system (Pellematic Smart_e or Pellematic Condens_e). This system can optimally be adapted to the needs of the house and operated when either heat or electricity is required.

Further details about this concept will be reported shortly. This year, a number of reference pilot installeds are planned, which will be analysed in detail.


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